Summer Camp Hiring Season Means Background Checks

Ohio Requires all Camp Employees to have Background Checks

COLUMBUS, OH – Spring is here and that means summer camps all over Ohio need to hire staff members for their summer sessions. State regulations revised in November 2013 require all camp employees to pass a background check before being hired to work with children. Merely being in compliance with state regulations is crucial, but you should want it done right.

The safety of the children and the staff is the most important motivating factor in administering Ohio summer camp background checks to all your applicants. That’s why you need an expert. If done properly, and thoroughly, the background checks should ensure the safety of everyone at the camp.

Nancy Henson, president of Mobile Fingerprinting Solutions, offers her expertise on Ohio summer camp background checks:

“One allegation, one incident, and those camps that haven’t background checked would be prosecuted to the point that they may never function again. Recovering from an incident in which background checks were not administered is nearly impossible. Protect your camp and protect the children.”

If you want to consult an expert before beginning your summer camp hiring process, visit or you can also call Nancy at 614-537-2142.