Background Checks for Churches

“The last safe place is safe no more.” -Daniel Handler It’s hard to comprehend that background checks in churches are just, if not more, important than a business. Think about the number of people who come through the doors each week, think about the parents who are leaving their children in the nursery to a […]

Not All Background Checks Are Created Equal

There are many compelling reasons to run background checks, including ensuring a safe workplace, to hire qualified people, to minimize liability in the hiring process and to encourage honesty during the application phase. Background checks can vary in the information collected, include criminal history, fingerprint services, resume verification services, driving records, sex offender registry searches, […]

What does Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Law Mean for Your Business?

Ohio’s medical marijuana law passed in 2016 and so began a two-year process to determine who will grow it and how it will be regulated. It has also left business leaders with many questions as the September 8, 2018 implementation date approaches. How does the new law impact current and future employees? Can companies still […]

Background Checks for Volunteers Now Vital

State Ramps Up Enforcement of Volunteer Background Check Laws COLUMBUS, OH – Ohio schools have been forced to be more proactive as the state laws and regulations regarding background checks for school volunteers are only now being strictly enforced. Informal systems of appointing volunteers have resulted in parents with criminal records driving groups of children […]

Summer Camp Hiring Season Means Background Checks

Ohio Requires all Camp Employees to have Background Checks COLUMBUS, OH – Spring is here and that means summer camps all over Ohio need to hire staff members for their summer sessions. State regulations revised in November 2013 require all camp employees to pass a background check before being hired to work with children. Merely […]