Who Are You Hiring?

What makes us different is whom we interact with and how we interact with them. Most background screening companies will interface with a couple different data providers in an effort to ease administrative and programming demands as well as leveraging economies of scale to their benefit. The problem is the quality of your report will likely suffer and you will never know the difference. In an effort to provide the very best investigation possible, our reports are integrated with over 50 different data providers and will intuitively route your requests to the best solution. The result is the most efficient, timely, and comprehensive search available.
When it comes to Pre Employment Screening we start at two basic levels of criminal searches.  Our Nation Wide NetPlus search or our Nation Wide NetPlus Supplemental search.

Nation Wide NetPlus

Nationwide NetPlus – includes person search and alias names search
This research is used as a “safety net” search, possibly identifying criminal records in jurisdictions not researched because they were not associated with the applicant’s residential history. This is a database composed of criminal records purchased from private data sources and other criminal record sources. This search is only useful for identifying potential cases related to the applicant. If records are found with this database, we will verify the case at the county level to confirm the details of the records, as required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

  • National Criminal Search – Includes all available counties in all available states.
  • National Sexual Offender Registry Search – Includes all offenders currently registered with the National Sex Offender Registry.
  • Using the SSN of your applicant, we provide a history of previous addresses, date of birth, and names for every person associated with that SSN.
  • We search any alias names that come back on the SSN Search through the National Criminal at no additional cost.