Background Checks for Volunteers Now Vital

State Ramps Up Enforcement of Volunteer Background Check Laws

COLUMBUS, OH – Ohio schools have been forced to be more proactive as the state laws and regulations regarding background checks for school volunteers are only now being strictly enforced. Informal systems of appointing volunteers have resulted in parents with criminal records driving groups of children on field trips. School administrators have made it clear that things are going to change.

The goal is simply to make sure that parents, teachers and students all feel completely secure. The best way to accomplish this is by conducting background checks on each and every volunteer who works with the children. For example, at Westerville schools, volunteers who haven’t had background checks are not allowed to work with a group of children. Safety and compliance are attainable goals if everyone is willing to adhere to these more strict standards of operation.

Some parents site budget concerns and convenience as reasons they haven’t had background checks and cannot get involved with helping their child’s school. Your local PTO should discuss their options for possibly covering some of the cost and finding expert services that will come to you.

Nancy Henson, who is president of Mobile Fingerprinting Solutions, wants to help make it possible for every parent to contribute. She insists that it’s not an unrealistic goal. “We’re mobile because we understand the time constraints on parents and we don’t want them to not be involved because they don’t have time. Don’t let the background check be a reason not to be involved. We make it easy by coming to PTO meetings or other school events.”

If you want to consult an expert for your volunteer background checks, visit or you can call Nancy at 614-537-2142.